First Nations Finance Authority (FNFA)

By providing a means to engage in pooled borrowing through the Finance Authority, First Nations have access to significant amounts of private financing in the global capital markets.

As of February 2022, the number of FNFA members is 141 with 78 First Nations accessing loans. Our members are from nine provinces and one territory and have borrowed $1.65 billion from the FNFA (through both debenture financing and short-term loans).

First Nations used these FNFA loans to engage in economic development opportunities (the profits are then rolled back into the community to meet priorities), build or improve schools, green energy opportunities, community housing, and other infrastructure in their communities.

With the success of FNFA’s nine (9) bond issuances, interest in the FNFA from First Nations has grown across the country. With more than $6 billion in own-source revenues collectively across all First Nations in Canada, the potential for these communities to leverage these revenues through the FNFA to build economies and infrastructure is significant.


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