2018 National Meeting | May 16 and 17, 2018 | River Rock Hotel and Casino, Richmond, BC

Our Lands. Our Jurisdiction. Our Institutions: First Nations Leading the Way.

A two-day meeting was held on May 16 & 17, 2018 at the River Rock Hotel and Casino in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The forum showcased First Nations at the forefront of expanding jurisdiction and highlighted their achievements in using First Nation-led agreements and legislation to improve their economies through greater fiscal independence, improved financial management, debenture financing, and sound land governance. It was also an opportunity for First Nations to learn more about how the First Nation Institutions and the Lands Advisory Board can support and enhance innovations in First Nations fiscal relations with the Crown.

Currently, 276 First Nations, from all regions in Canada, are either participating or signatory to the FNFMA and the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management ) FA.

In bringing these First Nations together, the forum demonstrated how First Nations across Canada who are exercising their jurisdiction are striving to move beyond the Indian Act with First Nation-led initiatives that enhance the growth and sustainability of First Nations, ultimately supporting higher standards of community well-being.

Lastly, First Nations had the opportunity to discuss the benefits of 10 year long-term capital transfer payments from the Federal Government to First Nations; learn more about a proposed new FMA Infrastructure Institution, new measures for expanding tax jurisdiction, monetizing transfers to support capital work and changes to the Framework Agreement on First Nation Lands Management.


The goals of the meeting were to bring First Nations leaders together to:
Share institutions tools and support services
Learn about First Nations success stories working outside of the Indian Act
Unify a collective voice for First Nations led initiatives and innovations
Set a clear path forward for building prosperous and vibrant First Nation communities


Speakers (FNFI & LAB)

C.T. (Manny) Jules | Chief Commissioner FNTC

Harold Calla | Executive Chair FNFMB

Ernie Daniels | President & CEO FNFA

Robert Louie | Chairman LAB

River Rock Resort & Casino, Richmond, BC