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Virtual National Meeting 2021 | FEBRUARY 17-18, 2021

First Nations Economic Resilience:
First Nations Leading the Way 3.

The forum, titled First Nations Economic Resilience: First Nations Leading the Way 3, will be a two-day virtual event held on February 17, and 18, 2021. Further, it will showcase First Nations at the forefront of expanding jurisdiction and will highlight their achievements in using First Nation-led agreements and legislation to improve their economies through greater fiscal independence, improved financial management, debenture financing, and sound land governance. It will also be an opportunity for First Nations to learn more about how the First Nation Institutions and the Lands Advisory Board can support and enhance innovations in First Nations fiscal relations with the Crown including 10-Year Grants.

Currently, 309 First Nations, from all regions in Canada, are participating in either the FNFMA or the FAFNLM. Further, 85 signed a 10 year Agreement in 2019/2020. In bringing these First Nations together, the forum will demonstrate how First Nations across Canada who are exercising their jurisdiction are striving to move beyond the Indian Act with First Nation-led initiatives that enhance the growth and sustainability of First Nations, ultimately supporting higher standards of community well-being.

Who Should Attend?
First Nations representatives who are currently operating under the FMA and/or the FAFNLM or part of the 10-Year Grant allocations process such as:

  • Chief Councillor and/or Councillor

First Nations Leading the Way National Meeting is open to leadership from First Nations who are currently scheduled on the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA), taxing under s.83 of the Indian Act, signatories to the Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management (FA) or First Nations who have submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) for 10-Year Grants.